The start of a journey together...

Where to start?... there are so many locations around the world that are just perfect for a romantic break.

You could opt for an idyllic overwater villa at one of our stunning hotels in the Maldives or head even further afield to exquisite French Polynesia. The Caribbean, always a popular destination for honeymooners and our range of intimate boutique properties and private villas on idyllic islands such as Antigua, St Lucia, the Bahamas and the Grenadines will inspire romance.

Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia with their stunning coastlines might tempt you instead. Alternatively, how about something a little more cosmopolitan, such as New York, Cape Town or even Dubai? If you are looking to add a little adventure to your honeymoon these options allow for twin-centre holidays, such as combining Cape Town with a luxury safari or a stay in fast-paced Dubai city, followed by time spent residing in a peaceful resort in the desert... or why not catch a flight from Dubai and finish your honeymoon on the spectacular Indian Ocean islands of the Maldives, Seychelles or Mauritius.

Why not let us provide you with a number of options to choose from, after all, this should be the most exciting travel experience you ever book!